Our Vision

Our Vision A Prosperous living Standard to the people of the palindanuwara Divisional Secretariat.

Our Mission

To uplift the living standard of the common masses through efficient planning and Development Process and the Participation of the people accordance with the Government Policies.
Palindanuwara Location

History of Palindanuwara Divisional Secretariat

Location And Overview

The Palindanuwara Divisional Secretariat Division Wish Belongs To The Eastern County Is The Largest Among The Other 14 Divisions In The Kalutara District. This Palindanuwara Division Which Belongs To The Agalawatha Electorate Has Got A Total Land Area Of 286.3 Square Km Agalawatta (26907 Hectares) In Magnitude.

From North Kalutara District Bulathsinhala Divisional Secretariat And The Ratnapura District Ayagama And Kalawana Divisional Secretary Divisions,From  South Of Kalawana Divisional Secretariat Division And Walallawita DS Division, From East Ratnapura District Galle District Thawalama And Neluwa Divisional Secretariat Divisions And Kalutara District, From West Of Kalutara District Agalawatta Divisional Secretariat Division And  Palindanuwara Divisional Secretariat Division Have Boundaries.

Kalutara And Ratnapura District Agalawaththa Across From The Main Road Through The Town, Ranging From Kalawana Divisional Secretariat Through Baduraliya City.

1 District - Kalutara
2 Electoral District - Agalawatta
3 Regional Council Area – Palindanuwara

This Palindanuwara Divisional Secretariat Has Been Divided Intor 43  GN Division For The Administrative Convenience.
Because Of A Lack Of Transport Facilities, Large Amount Of Land In The Area Will Be Affected By A Major Advancement Low Divisional Secretariat Division In The Western Province. This Division Is Ranked Second Scaring The Poor Western Province. 50% Of The Population Division Of Agriculture And Related Jobs, Will Provide His Livelihood.

* Ancient Poetry And Prose Literature Information
* Historical Background Palindanuwara
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History of Palindanuwara - Baduraliya Divisional Secretariat

The palindanuwara Divisional Secritariat was first located in an abandoned small house. it was first opened on 14th september 1999, The initial staff consisted of the chief clerk  and 4 clerks. There were eight grama niladhari divisions at the time, namely Halpe, Naulla, Kumbalwela, Gavarawela , Ballaketuwa , Navevalgama , Karadagolla and Ilukpelessa.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
C.Was.Gunawardana 1998 1998
K.Piyarathna 1998 2001
P.D.Siriwardana 2001 2003
Sirisoma Lokuwithana 2003 2009
Tharani Anoja Gamage 2009 2013
L.L.D.Thilakarathna 2013 2016
S.Thrimanna 2016  

News & Events

"The Preaching Pirith – Prith sajjayanaya"

"The Preaching Pirith – Prith sajjayanaya"

  Parallel to the Poson full moon...

Divisional Coordination Committee

Divisional Coordination Committee

Divisional Coordination Committee Divisional Coordination Committee will...

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